Dec 09, 2014

Determining how you will wear your hair on your wedding day is just as important as picking out the right accessories and shoes.  Your hairstyle should compliment your wedding gown and since it will be a focal point for photos, you'll want everything about the style to be just right...


Here are a few tips on choosing a hairstyle that will compliment your wedding gown.  

If you're going to wear a strapless gown or a gown with a sweetheart neckline and you're worried about showing off too much skin, your hair can be worn down in curls and dressed up with hair accessories such as hair fasteners and combs.  Adding accessories to your do will emphasize your look and will also look absolutely beautiful in pictures.


If your style is going to be casual/bohemian:  wearing your hair up or down will work.  The trick is to style your hair using loose curls.  Add some fishtail braids such as the one below to complete the look.



I have to admit, when it comes to wedding hairstyles, I absolutely love the high bun!  If you're wearing a backless gown... this look is already dramatic and sexy!  Why not finish the look with a high bun?  Yes, like the one worn by
Hilary Duff on her big day! 


But if the high bun is too dramatic for your taste, wearing a low bun will also look nice and won't take away from the style of your dress... see images below



If you're wearing a vintage inspired gown... pin up styles such as the ones below will work well.  Don't forget to accessorize...accessorize...accessorize!

Such a neat, beautiful and sophisticated do!  Don't forget the brooch!


Tell us which look you'll be wearing on your special day.