A different kind of wedding prep

A different kind of wedding prep. Mobile Image

Aug 28, 2019

Wedding Planning Making You Sick?
These Tips Will Help


Planning a wedding is loads of fun – at first. After a little while, however, all the exciting details start to become seriously stressful. Between budget concerns, guest list woes, and trying to figure out the difference between “semi-formal” and “dressy-casual,” brides can start to feel stretched a little too thin.

All this stress can have a major impact on your health. Excess worry can cause your mood to plummet, leading to poor focus and irritability. It can cause physical effects as well, including headaches, stomach problems, and even muscle pain. If wedding planning is starting to make you feel less than your best, here are a few things you can do to put your health first:


 Watch Your Nutrition

 A balanced diet is super important when it comes to keeping your health in top shape. It’s not just about how much you eat – what kinds of foods your eating is just as important. If your day-to-day meals aren’t giving you all the vitamins and minerals you need, you can end up with deficiencies that cause serious physical and mental distress. This is easy to do, especially if you’re cutting back in hopes of losing weight before the big day.

Consider adding a multivitamin to your daily routine. When picking a multivitamin, do your homework: You want a vitamin that contains all the nutrients it claims and doesn’t have any sketchy ingredients.


DIY a Spa Day

Giving yourself a little at-home pampering is a great way to reduce stress. Not only do you get a chance to kick back and relax, but you can also do so without worrying about spending a ton on professional services. A nice facial, foot soak or skin scrub can improve your mood and leave you feeling (and looking) fresh.

You can up the power of the DIY spa day by inviting your bridesmaids along for the fun. Spending a day with the girls will give you some much-needed socialization and a chance to vent any wedding frustration planning you might be holding in.


 Work Out

If you’re feeling particularly frazzled, consider doing some cardio. Often when you’re stressed out, your body starts to go into flight or fight mode, flooding your system with adrenaline. When you’re not able to get that energy out, it raises your stress. This creates a tricky and unpleasant cycle.

When you exercise, you give your body a chance to work out some of that excess adrenaline. Afterward, you’ll feel calmer, more energized, and ready to take on whatever challenge comes next.

Ask For Help

Many brides-to-be feel like they have to do all the work of planning a wedding on their own. Often, it can be a little bit scary to hand something over to anyone else when every detail feels so important. However, asking a friend, family member, or your fiancé to take on some planning tasks can help reduce the amount of chaos on your plate.

If you’re nervous about giving up control, a good balance is asking for research help. For example, instead of asking your mom to choose a photographer for you, ask her to come up with a list of local photographers in your price range. This way you can reduce your workload while still making the final call, and your loved ones have a chance to show you that they care: Everyone wins!


Take a Break

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed by all the planning, schedule yourself one day away from it all. Mute your email, cover up your to-do list and avoid Pinterest like the plague. One day isn’t going to make all the difference for your planning, but it can give you a chance to recharge.

This bit of time to yourself will make a big impact on your overall worry levels. Cutting back on stress while wedding planning will make you healthier, happier, and ready to enjoy your big day.  


Photo Credit: Pixabay