Is a Custom Tailored Wedding Gown right for you??

Is a Custom Tailored Wedding Gown right for you??. Mobile Image

Dec 09, 2014

Let me begin by saying that the idea of a having a wedding gown personalized or custom tailored should NOT be confused with the creation of a cheap replica!  I've read so many horror stories online about brides purchasing replicas from Chinese manufacturers based on a stock image only to find out that the replica looked nothing like the image when they received their gown.  This is your big day!  Why would any bride take the risk of not receiving what they ordered, nonetheless your wedding gown!!?  If the price is too good to be true, then it probably is!  


While I'm certain that many brides struggle with hefty price tags upon visiting bridal salons and some brides refuse to visit bridal salons altogether because of this idea, you should know that there are several reliable websites and department stores where you can purchase a beautiful gown that is accurately represented on the vendors photos and at times you may find a good deal.  Planning a wedding is stressful enough, you don't need to add the fear of not knowing what the most important item on your wedding list will look like.


I started my online bridal gown business with this in mind.  As a former bride, I struggled with the idea of a hefty price tag.  I knew that I would only be wearing this gown once and no matter how perfect I wanted my gown to be, I had to stick to my budget.  I didn't want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a designer gown but I also didn't want to compromise the quality of my gown by ordering a replica.  After I got married, I got to thinking... There must be several brides out there each day experiencing the same frustrations.  Struggling to find their dream gown but one that is not ridiculously over-priced.  Let's not mention that sometimes visiting a bridal salon can be quite intimidating.  That's when it occurred to me that I needed to step in and help brides who were facing the same challenges that I faced as a bride.


A personalized wedding gown is perfect for the bride who is taking the nontraditional approach in shopping for her wedding gown.  She wants to create a personal experience but doesn't want to deal with pushy sales people or be forced to purchase a gown simply because she's used up her alloted appointment time at the bridal salon.  She knows her style and wants something that is personal and which she partook creating.  She wants individual attention without any pressure.  She knows what she wants and she is willing to splurge a bit in order to get her ideal non-designer wedding gown, but not to the point that it will break her bank.  If this sounds like you, then you're an excellent candidate for a custom tailored wedding gown!


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