Plan a Fabulous Pandemic-Friendly Wedding That's Also Budget-Friendly

Plan a Fabulous Pandemic-Friendly Wedding That's Also Budget-Friendly. Mobile Image

Oct 22, 2020

COVID-19 has put a damper on so many things this year, and couples looking forward to tying the knot are among the many affected. But just because there’s a pandemic doesn’t mean that you can’t get on the road to forever. In fact, if you’re open to making key changes to your plans so you can have a wedding that’s safe and risk-free, there’s certainly no reason to shelve your event. You might even end up spending less in the process. Consider the following measures.


Know your local guidelines.

As long as the coronavirus remains a threat, gatherings are still largely discouraged. However, keeping people from their normal lives is close to impossible. For this reason, the CDC released guidelines to ensure that events do not become avenues on which the virus can spread further. 

Some of the more important considerations include proper hand hygiene, as well as the use of masks. You must also ensure that your venue is well-ventilated and large enough to support social distancing. Further, there is a need to limit attendees, install physical guides or barriers, consistent disinfection, and more.

True, it sounds like a lot of added measures on top of the usual wedding prep, but this could work out in your favor in more ways than one. Case in point, the need to lessen your number of guests could translate to more savings and fewer expenses for you. As a bonus, you can have a wedding that’s a lot more intimate, shared with the people you truly love.


Choose your suppliers wisely.

Know that it’s not enough for you alone to take precautions. There are so many elements (and, by extension, people) that go into pulling off a lovely wedding—from your cake to your dress, your foodservice to your band. This means that COVID-19 transmission can occur in a variety of ways. It’s a must, therefore, to really be careful in choosing the suppliers with whom you work. 

As a rule, take time to do your comparison shopping and verify what precautions a supplier is taking as they reopen in the face of the coronavirus. For instance, a good bridal shop like Rosi’s Bridal Studio enforces extra procedures to limit in-store traffic, which is an effective and thoughtful way to protect yourself and your bridal party. Comparing different suppliers beforehand will also ensure that you get the best possible services that are friendliest to your wedding budget.

On another note, CNBC explains that wedding professionals are among the hardest hit by the pandemic. As a way to bring back clients and help stressed-out couples, many of them are offering discounts and freebies. By doing your research, you can find golden opportunities to have a more cost-effective yet no-less-wonderful wedding.


Give yourself peace of mind.

Even with the best-laid precautions, it’s only natural to still have concerns about the safety of your wedding. However, there should be no room for uncertainty on your big day, so do embrace the many ways in which you can alleviate your worries. 

As an example, perhaps you’re not too comfortable with the idea of using the products in your makeup artist’s toolkit. You’re definitely well within your rights to use your own cosmetics, so ask your makeup artist what you need and just buy and use your own. You will enjoy discounts and even cashback offers when you shop online from Ulta, but it’s your own peace of mind that’s truly worth the expense.


Suffice to say, your wedding may be quite different from what you had initially planned. But at the end of the day, the most important thing is to celebrate your love. And safely pulling off a terrific and budget-friendly wedding at the time of COVID-19? That may just be the wedding of the century!

- Guest Blogger, Erin Reynolds