Planning an Elegant Valentines Day Wedding

Planning an Elegant Valentines Day Wedding. Mobile Image

Feb 10, 2015

With so much love and commitment in the air, it’s no wonder why so many couples choose to get married on Valentine’s Day.  With that said, I’d figured I’d give you some tips on how to pull off a beautiful, romantic and colorful Valentine’s Day wedding.


First thing’s first, be prepared well in advance.  I’m not talking just one year in advance either.  There are a lot of couples looking to book their wedding on this particular day.  So not only will your preferred venue most likely already be booked up, but DJ’s , planners, bands, caterers will all be very busy during this holiday as well.  Be sure to book them more than a year in advance.


Want to incorporate some of the Valentine’s Day colors like red or pink in your dress, don’t be disappointed to learn that most traditional gowns do not include these colors.  But lucky for you, there’s always the custom gown option.  Add some pop of color to your hem or even the tulle underneath your gown and your guests will love the genuine idea.  Be sure to book your appointment at least 6 months in advance.


Here are some of my favorite ideas for attire and reception for a Valentine's Day Wedding.  You'll notice that deep reds are definitely my favorite.


You guessed it... I absolutely love the non-traditional colorful approach to shoes!!! 


Deep tones of red or pink add elegance and sophistication to any reception


A heart shaped key hole adds a Valentine's Day touch to this beautiful wedding gown