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Alti marries Dom in Jamaica in a custom wedding gown

So my very special friend Alti was married at the beautiful Royal Plantation in Ocho Rios, Jamaica this past December and I had the privilege of helping her design and create her custom wedding gown.

Alti was the perfect candidate for a custom gown because she knew that she wanted something different.  She wanted a sexy wedding gown with a low cut back and a halter top. She not only envisioned a sexy gown that would accentuate her beautiful assets but which also remained classy and elegant… and so began my search for ideas.

I searched for styles that I figured she’d like based on her body type and style. And just as I anticipated, none of the gowns that I came across incorporated all of the elements that Alti was looking for. Here is when the fun part began...I gathered several images and began drawing up rough sketches mixing and matching bodices of one gown with the skirts of another gown. I was finally able to come up with a design that I thought Alti would like so when I presented the rough illustration to her, I was pleased to know that she absolutely loved it.

Alti Sketch.pdf.jpg

It was such a pleasure working with Alti and I thank her greatly for the opportunity to allow me to be a part of such a special day for her.  I don't only consider her a friend, but Alti is truly an amazing person with a beautiful heart.  I wish her and Dom a lifetime of happiness!!!  Just look at how STUNNING she looked!

The beautiful bride, mother of the bride and Maid of Honor all wearing their custom tailored gowns done by Rosi's Bridal Studio  

The beautiful bride, mother of the bride and Maid of Honor all wearing their custom tailored gowns done by Rosi's Bridal Studio



wedding expo1.jpg

So I know I'm a little late in writing about our experience at our first bridal expo... 

The anticipation almost drove me crazy. I wanted the day to be here and just like that it came around and went.  Here are some highlights of that night:

During the weeks that led up to the show, I prepared all of the gowns that we would be traveling with.  They were nicely cleaned, packed and ready for the show.  Our promotional items included flyers with our company information an exclusive discount code for brides who attended the expo as well as some goodie bags that were handed out to brides who signed up for our newsletter.  We couldn’t believe how many brides were eager to sign up for it.  Inside the goodie bags were the exclusive discount cards for our bridal accessories, a mini tin filled with sweet goodies, and a heart shaped cookie wrapped in plastic and tied with satin lace in our brand color. We also included a business card for our favorite wedding DJ DJLegacy.

Check the goodie bags out:

wedding expo 2.jpg

Yes, we recruited someone to help us bake and hand package each bag for a personal touch!

wedding expo 3.jpg
wedding expo 4.jpg
wedding expo 5.png
My home studio in Bogota, NJ

My home studio in Bogota, NJ

Everything was ready to go and so we set out for a spectacular night! 

We met so many wonderful couples and their families.  We attentively heard their stories and learned about their wedding day.  Sadly, we didn't get a chance to speak to everyone who approached our booth even with the three people that were at our booth greeting couples.  We wished there had been more time to chat with everyone. But I was happy to see that even though we didn’t get a
chance to speak with everyone, a lot of couples took the time to sign up for our newsletter anyway. 

We raffled out a David Tutera guestbook which the brides loved, but then again... who doesn't love David Tutera, right?  I know I've
been watching him for years and there is absolutely nothing that David can do wrong. Congratulations to the winner Sarah! We hope you enjoy it. 

wedding expo 7.jpg
wedding expo 8.jpg
wedding expo 10.jpg
wedding expo 9.jpg
wedding expo 11.png

Our models were eager to get on stage and show case our lovely designs.  I must say, they did such a wonderful job.  They looked beautiful in our wedding gowns.  Standing in those heels the entire time can’t be easy so I give them so much credit for that.

wedding expo 12.jpg
wedding expo 13.jpg
wedding expo 15.jpg
wedding expo 16.jpg

Thank you to the producer of the show Bosco, our models and our team for making this night possible!  We had a lot of fun and the night flew by and we are very much looking forward to our next show.  

If you missed this show and are in the areas surrounding Bergen County, we will be back at the Hilton, Woodcliff Lake-NJ this coming March.  Come meet us, ask us questions, get some freebies and stay informed.  We are always giving things away.  Stay tuned for more details.

We would love to hear suggestions on what kinds of things you would love to see raffled out at bridal shows.