What to wear underneath your sexy plunging wedding dress

What to wear underneath your sexy plunging wedding dress. Mobile Image

Jan 13, 2016

Plunging necklines and backless wedding gowns are a rising trend amongst brides, but associated with those super sexy wedding gowns is the challenge of selecting appropriate undergarments.  A very popular question that I get asked when I meet with a bride is:  “What kind of undergarment should I wear?”  Before we dive into some of your options, I want to make an important statement and fact that most brides tend to lose sight of.  You’ll be wearing your undergarments for an approximate 10-12 hours and at some point, or should I say, several times throughout the duration of your big event, you’ll need to be able to use the restroom (comfortably).  So, with that in mind, here are some suggestions on what to wear underneath that beautiful and sexy wedding dress.

Thankfully, to accommodate for the rising trend in backless clothing, sticky boobs and double sided fashion tape were invented and are fairly easy to find at your local department store, but if you’re like me and love to do all of your research online before hitting the stores, here are some sources:

For a plunging neck with a regular back, try The Uplunge Bra  (Available at Nordstrom.com). And if your plunging neckline dress is also backless, you'll need the Fashion Forms U-plunge Strapless Bra (Also available at Nordstrom.com):


The Unplunge Bra ($28)


Source: pearlbridalhouse.com


U-Plunge Strapless Bra ($40)


A backless adhesive bra will do the trick for smaller chested girls as this one is only intended for coverage and not so much for support.


Seamless Nu Bra ($60) 


It youre looking for some body shaping, another great option for a backless gown is the U-plunge body suit (Available at ASOS.com)


U-Plunge backless strapless body suit ($52)


Source: bellethemagazine.com


Are you wearing a sheath satin gown and need some shaping?  The plunge body suit is a great option!


Plunge Bodysuit


Source: Wedbook.com


Marquise Low Plunge Bodysuit ($125)