Q: When should I order my wedding dress?

A: Generally, we suggest ordering your wedding dress at least 4-6 months prior to your wedding.  We do this in order to allow sufficient time for changes in the design and to allow enough time for any additional alterations that may be required.

Q: Before I place the order, can I see samples of the fabric and other details?

A: We will go through fabric selections after a sketch is drawn up.  Samples of satin, sateen and other bridal fabrics are available in the studio.  We have samples of lace as well.  However, due to the cost of lace, our sample selection is limited.  We will provide images of the lace that will be chosen for your design prior to production

Q: How do I measure myself?

A: For our out of state online clients: To ensure that your gown will fit perfectly, we advise you to get a seamstress or a friend to measure you.  Try not to do this on your own.  

Would you like a live tutorial?  We'll be happy to help.  Contact us..

Q: What is the overall processing time?

A: The design and construction of a bridal gown may take anywhere between 60-90 business days from the time that we finalize the order and receive a deposit.  The expected overrall time including design, fabric selection and final fittings may take up to four months.

*Please estimate the day from purchase to the day you should receive your gown and plan accordingly.  We want your experience to be stress-free.

Q: Do you ship to other countries?

A: Currently, we only ship to the US and CAN

Are alterations included?

The cost of your custom bridal gown includes alterations during the first and second fitting.  During this time, we will ensure a perfect fit.  

Please note that alterations do not include modifications to the original design including  changes in the original design, changes in fabrics and/or the cost for any additional fabrics as a result of the change

What is your return policy?

A: We commit to providing 100% customer satisfaction.  Before an order is placed, we verify that all information is in accordance with each bride's specifications.  We will honor a 7-day money back guarantee if there is an obvious problem with the order.  By obvious we mean, a variation from the initial order such as the wrong item being received.  

*Returns exclude discrepancies with measurements that were provided by the client.  

Do you require payment in full?

We will never ask you to pay for our services upfront.  We require a 50% deposit to begin work on your custom gown.  This will cover the cost of fabrics, materials, and initial labor.  The balance is due on the day of your final fitting 

What if I am not happy with the final design?

We want all of our bridal clients to walk out of our studio satisfied and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure that we have captured your vision.  

We invest a lot of time with each of our clients and if by the day of your final fitting we have not been able to fulfill our mission, we will accommodate a mutual termination of service agreement 

Q: Can I order my bridesmaids dresses from you also?

A: Yes.  While these services are not on our website yet, we can most certainly accommodate your requests for these as well.  Prices for bridesmaids dresses begin at $475