- Follows the collar bone from shoulder to shoulder
- Gives good coverage for large bust lines 
- Romantic look


- Low cut style in which two panels in fabric are attached at teh waistline and meet at the nape of the neck
- Gives good coverage for large bust lines
- Glamourous look


- Neckline rounded cut, circles the base of the neck
- Total coverage
- Can be made with made with multiple sleeve lenght
- Mostly used for religious reasons

Tip of the Shoulder

- Neckline Fits just below the shoulders with short or long sleeves
- Allows for mobility
- Creates a portrait collar look
- Accentuates the neck and shoulders
- Defines narrow shoulders


- A "U" shaped neckline 
- Flattering for all body types


- Any style that leaves the neck and shoulders bare
- Ultimate mobility
- Must be fitter properly for comfort and support


- Begins about two inches inside the shoulder line and dips into a hear shape
- Outlines cleavage
- Romantic look


- This neckline features a pointed plunge
- Can minimize and maximize cleavage
- Elongates the neck