About Us

Desktop image of Aida on her wedding day

Congratulations on your engagement!

Your wedding will be one of the most exciting, emotional and memorable experiences in your lifetime.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with weddings and bridal gowns in particular. My concept was inspired by my personal experience as a former bride. I knew that I did not want to walk into a busy bridal shop and have pushy sales people all over me.  They did not understand that it was all about the experience.  I was inspired and determined to help brides-to-be facing the same challenge.   


My idea is simple:

Superior one-on-one service that will leave an everlasting impression.  The selection of your wedding gown should be fun and completely tailored to fit your lifestyle. Our goal is to create an intimate and fun setting for the off beat bride who is looking for something more than just finding that perfect wedding gown. We will pay close attention to every detail and together select a gown that perfectly suits her lifestyle. 

Aida is a Finance professional who has spent most of her career with major fashion retailers including Kate Spade, Aeropostale, & Kering Americas. 


Aida currently resides in Mahwah with her husband Michael and three beautiful boys and their dog, Khaleesi. We invite you to visit our lovely bridal shop in Bergen County, New Jersey.